Tuesday, January 2, 2007

About the Company

ISI is working with Israeli NGOs to improve their fundraising ability. ISI provides each Israeli NGO with whom we work with a range of options on how to better position themselves to be attractive to overseas donors. These options include a more comprehensive fundraising initiative, better PR and Marketing and use of the latest social media (such as Facebook, Tweeter etc) to raise the NGO's profile.

Believing in professional services, Israel Strategic Initiatives is also offering overseas donors a holistic 'lifecycle' package of project-related services to ensure a high level of donor satisfaction and maximum program impact in the specified area.

ISI Guarantee:

By using ISI and its highly specialized staff,

  • local NGO's will be assured of a greater success rate in finding new funding sources and partners for continuing the vital work within Israeli society
  • overseas donors will be assured of the following:
a. Minimum or zero duplication between your project and similar projects already running in Israel

b. Serious planning at the concept, development and implementation stages

c. On-going monitoring on how each project is progressing

d. Early warning alerts if problems appear

e. A partner for your discussion at any stage in the process.