Monday, January 1, 2007


For Israeli NGO's:

  1. Can ISI guarantee us (the Israeli NGO) funding? Unfortunately not. What ISI can guarantee is that with a much larger and more extensive list of specialized funding bodies donating to your particular project area, you will have a much greater chance of developing new partner relationships with overseas funding bodies and obtaining the resources you need.
  2. How long will it take to do a Grant Search? The Level 1 Grant Search will take around 21 working days and ISI will send you a full report with 20 names of new funding sources, including contact details and links to websites where available.
  3. How do we then prioritize these foundations and to which should we send our information? Level 2 of ISI's services will carry out a much deeper investigation into each foundation on the list and then work with you to prioritize the order in which to turn to them.
  4. Can ISI represent us and deal directly with these foundations? For sure! If you want us to investigate the possibility of making an approach by calling or emailing the foundations, by drafting Letters of Inquiry and even a Grant Proposal - ISI can do all of this and provide a full package service.
  5. Can we receive funding from American charities if we do not have an American branch or 'American Friends of' organization? The short answer is clearly YES. ISI can explain how this process works and assist you to become registered in USA. You will then be able to apply to all American grant making bodies for allocations.
For Overseas Donors/Foundations:
  1. Why should we use the services of ISI? Isn’t this just another level of bureaucracy?ISI is here to cut through the bureaucracy. Often donors channel their funds ‘through the system’ which involves Federation, UJC, JAFI and/or JDC. By involving ISI you will have one representative to do all your project management and to update you regularly on progress.
  2. Can ISI help me develop my project? For sure. We have a wealth of experience in designing projects and overseeing their implementation. Discuss this with us and let’s map out what your needs are and how you want to proceed.
  3. My project has started but I am not happy with what I am hearing. Can you help here? No doubt. ISI can get involved at any stage along the way. Ideally we want to be involved in the thinking stage and help shape the concept. But we can step in at any stage that you want an extra pair of eyes and ears on the ground.
  4. I am not certain that the NGO, that I going to partner with, is set up as required. Can you check this out? ISI can do a routine due diligence check on any NGO before you commit any funds. We can check that they are properly registered as a NGO, that they have a functioning board and check their record on past projects. We strongly recommend that before partnering with a new NGO that these rudimentary checks be carried out.
  5. Do you work through the UJC/JFNA funding system or only outside of the system?
    ISI is a professional structure that will work with all donors - both inside and outside the existing fundraising system. We service the donors and provide on the ground assistance in getting the project done. Where and how a donor makes his / her decision to fund, is of no direct relevance to ISI. As such we will be offering our services both to the various Federation representatives in Israel (for services through the existing UJC/JFNA system) as well as to donors directly outside of Israel