Monday, January 1, 2007

Services - Grant Search / RFPs

For Israeli NGOs, ISI offers the following services:

A. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) Monitoring Service: ISI regularly monitors all relevant funding opportunities for Israeli non profits. This information is posted on our RFP page ( ) and can be reviewed on line. These are the most current funding opportunities available with clear deadlines listed - and all on one page!
(In order to get full contact details of the funding opportunities, a subscription is required. Subscription information is located on the main RFP page)

B. Grant Searches. Level 1: An extensive search of our comprehensive database to find new funding sources according to your program area. ISI's database has the contact details of over 7,500 foundations (Jewish and non-Jewish) that have made allocations to Israeli NGO's over the last 7 years. As such we can easily find new funders for your particular program area allowing you to focus on convincing them of the uniqueness of your project.

2. Level 2: Investigation. ISI can do an in-depth investigation of the foundations discovered during the Grant Search and determine together with you the priority and suitability of approaching these foundations.

3. Level 3: Representation.
ISI can prepare Letters of Inquiry, Grant Proposals, and various Interim and Final Reports to go out to Foundations.

For Overseas Donors/ Foundations, ISI can help you with the following:

1. Concept: Help you determine where investment is most needed in accordance with your objectives and criteria

2. Proof of Concept: By undertaking a feasibility study ISI will provide you with an evidence base of the requirements, costs, timetable and roles for each partner organisation in order for your chosen project to become successful.

3. Build Solution: During this stage ISI will provide you with regular reports on progress recommending practical actions to ensure the project stays on track.

4. Implement Solution: Through regular monitoring of the project's progress including site visits and meetings with the key players on the ground in Israel (or abroad) ISI will provide a "readiness check" before the project goes live.

5. Realize Benefits: From a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of your project and the benefits that have been realized, you will have evidence of the impact of donor investment as well as suggested improvements for future projects.

6. Your representative on the ground: Let us take the worry off your mind and represent you on the ground with your project. We will provide regular updates at agreed intervals and give written reports to meet your needs.