Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Servicing the NGO Donor Community

  • Do you and your foundation invest in various projects in Israel?

  • Do you want to have a direct connection to the project and not via a host of intermediaries?

  • Are you certain that the project is developing how you envisaged it?

  • Is anyone doing oversight and evaluation for you?
  • Do you want to be updated regularly and in the way that you prefer?

ISI has been created to offer you a solution to these issues.

We offer a range of services from a limited intervention approach in a project to a complete holistic package of ‘lifecycle’ services.

If you want someone to go out and check the development of your project – that’s ISI!

If you want someone to meet the heads of the NGO you are working with and check out your concerns – that’s ISI.

In short, we are here to give you peace of mind that your donation is being used responsibly and precisely for what you intended. Give us a call and let’s chat these issues over.

Learn more about our services how we can help.